Heavy machinery,

With over a decade of experience in construction robotics, our team has developed the world’s most advanced robotic excavators.

Out of Danger.
In command.

Our advanced teleoperation tools ensure seamless machine control where human judgment is essential, but where on-site operation puts lives at risk.  Across the construction site or the continent, our intelligent networking stack maintains secure communication with remote construction equipment. 

With assistive features such as autonomous maneuvers, self-stabilization, and augmented vision, remote operators can meet or exceed the efficiency of an in-cab operator. 

In addition to increasing operator safety, our teleoperation tools remove the need for extended travel to reach remote work sites. 

Operators can also increase productivity while working remotely, by switching between multiple machines with low utilization rates.

Swiss origins,
Global applications.

Born in the Alps, our technology meets the most exacting engineering standards in technical terrain and hazardous zones. 

From landslides to landmines, robust autonomy in extreme environments is our baseline.


consists of industry-proven leaders, trusted with reliable systems for critical infrastructure.

  • MOOG
  • ETH Zurich
  • Robotic Systems Lab
  • Avesco Cat
  • SBB
  • Menzi Muck
  • Armasuisse
  • Swisscom
  • MRTech

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